Sweet Tips for Styling Thin Hair

Styling thin hair can be tricky. If you desire thick luscious hair but suffer with fine limp hair, here are some helpful hints to create the illusion of having a thicker, fuller mane.
1. Wash More Often
The minute your hair gets a little oily it will weigh it down. Wash your hair more often just don’t go overboard. Washing too often can strip your hair and increase oil production. Fine-hair ladies should wash every other day using a dry shampoo the second day if needed. Start with a volumizing shampoo; it will cleanse your hair without adding any weight.

2. Condition Ends
Avoid applying conditioner to your roots. If your hair needs a conditioner, apply it mid-length to the end avoiding the scalp area. You do not want to weigh your hair down so condition your hair sparingly.

3. Use a Styling Aid
Choose a styling aid which includes Panthenol. Panthenol thickens each strand of hair adding shine and texture while reducing split ends. Find a hair gel or foam specifically formulated for fine hair and contains Sage, Nettle, Rosemary & Aloe to keep the hair pliable & conditioned without adding weight.

4. Drying Techniques
Use tried & true methods to add volume when drying your hair. As you blow-dry your hair, scrunch with your hand until it’s at least 60% dry, then finish styling with a brush. You can also blow-dry your hair upside down then part your hair on the opposite side.

5. Volumize Your Roots
Once your hair is dry, pump up the volume with texturizing powder. Volumizing Styling Dust works by bonding itself to the hair allowing you to lift and move the hair wherever you desire. Just sprinkle a little in your hand or directly on your roots; it will give you instant lift. Pump up ponytails by sprinkling a little on the ends and scrunching. The bottles are typically small enough to carry in your pocketbook for touch-ups.

6. Hold That Style
Now that you have the style you’re after, keep it in place with a quick spritz of hairspray.

7. Second Day Blues
A dry shampoo can be your best friend! It’s a quick and easy way to eliminate unwanted oil. Try to look for a spray-on residue free version for easy application. Simply, part your hair and spray onto your roots, give it a few minutes to absorb the excess oil, finger toss it then spray all over your hair to add some extra volume. There are plenty of powder versions as well. If you are up for the challenge, you can make your own. Whatever type you choose, your hair and scalp will feel clean and refreshed!

by Dennis Bernard

Client Testimonials

  • So last year I wrote that Gloria gave me the best perm I ever had. Well, I just got a perm on Friday with Gloria and she outdid herself! This perm is GORGEOUS. It’s a work of art! I LOVE it, thank you so much!!! This is a super group of master hair professionals, do not hesitate to call them.

  • I’ve been getting my hair cut here for years. They even did my wedding hair and my best first color! I used to only see Nancy but now have been to several of the stylists and have always had great results. They really work to make sure the clients are happy!

  • Recently moved to area, did research for salons that offer perm styles, and found this perfect place! Highly recommend this salon, professional, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Clean, organized and welcoming atmosphere. Ask for Amy. She is attentive, personable and knows alot of details regarding hair. Absolutely exceptional quality and service. I found my perfect salon for all my hair needs! Thank you Amy for your time and effort helping me stay beautiful! I appreciate it! Stop by Sweet T, you won’t be disappointed! Ty!!!!

  • Gloria is a hair genius! My curls have never looked better, thank you Gloria! She accommodates her clients and stayed late to help do my hair. She does beautiful work and her perms are phenomenal. I will continue to request Gloria.