Oil-Based Blonde + Olaplex

We have loved our oil-based highlights for over 15 years and are excited about adding Olaplex!

 We are amazed with how soft and shiny our clients’ hair is with this new service that keeps hair stands healthy through advanced blonding and coloring.

Coloring our curls has been a trek many curlies have taken over the years. It can be fun, new, exciting, and add a little variety to your hair. I am all about adding a little spice to your life and if you want to add it by going blonde, then my all means do it! My only concern is that you do it the right way and with complete understanding of what it will take to do so. For the darker-hued curlies, you may have to do a little more work to achieve a lighter color. Knowing how to combat the urge for your tresses to go orange or yellow is imperative. It is nice to see more curlies wearing several of the rainbow when it comes to hair color, and it is even nicer when it is complementary to the individual rocking it. To make sure your color is beautiful and what you want, there are a few steps that one must take to ensure you get what you paid for.
Here are six sweet tips for going blonde without going bald:

1. Going blonde can be expensive

There is upkeep associated with coloring your tresses regardless of the color, but with blondes you do have to worry about a few things that can create a very expensive venture. The touch-ups are anywhere from four to twelve weeks depending on your desired blonde and the health of your hair. New growth on blonde hair is hard to conceal, especially if your natural color is rich and darker. There is a lot of maintenance that goes along with keeping your blonde color rich and not brassy. That means you will need to increase your deep conditioning and protein treatments and purchase hair products that are formulated for color-treated hair to reduce premature color fading.

2. Properly prep your hair

I consulted with American Board Certified Hair Colorist and licensed cosmetologist Monae Everett on what is needed to properly prep the hair before taking the plunge. She says make sure your hair is in the healthiest condition prior to going blonde. Hair color can be treacherous on your tresses, so damaged hair is not a good foundation for adding color. She says to make sure to condition and moisturize your hair on a regular basis, so your hair will maintain its current state of good health. If you do not, then it will only worsen with the hi-lift color/bleach. Also, Monae suggests a tip that you can incorporate to aid in your hair’s moisture. Apply coconut oil to your hair immediately before going to the stylist. The coconut oil will act as a slight barrier and add moisture to the hair.

3. Ask for Olaplex

There is a new kid on the block allowing women to go blonder without compromising the integrity of their hair. Monae suggests asking your stylist to try Olaplex. Olaplex is a single ingredient chemistry that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services. It makes the hair stronger than before and is free of silicones, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes and is not and never has been tested on animals. She finds this product will drastically help avoid damage during the coloring/lightening process. Time to get your blonde on with Olaplex! Want sun-kissed hair and colors that pop? Consider some highlights to freshen up your ‘do or maybe even take your look to next-level platinum! For a little blonde-spiration, get inspired by the #Olaplex feed on Instagram for thousands of amazing blonde transformations sure to inspire some blonde ambition.

4. Know the exact color you want

You and your stylist need to be in sync when it comes to going blonde. One woman’s blonde may be another’s woman’s grey or even red for that matter. A consultation with your color specialist is necessary to determine what is expected. There should be no surprises in the end. Also, not every shade of blonde will complement you. There are factors to take into consideration when going blonde because you do not want it to look unflattering. Your hair color should never be the same color as your skin because contrast between hair color and skin is necessary or you will look washed out says Kyle White, the lead colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City. Kyle says the most important factor to consider when choosing any hair color is skin tone, eye color, time of year, and even lifestyle.

5. Reduce frequent shampooing

As Kyle puts it, your scalp’s natural oils are Mother Nature’s deep conditioning. He even suggests trying dry shampoo since they will save your color, your blowout, and the overall health of your hair. All that shampooing will prematurely dull your color and even dry your hair! This may be a great time to incorporate co-washing into your hair care regimen to keep your blonde looking fierce!

6. Give it 48 hours

Yes, you want your hair clean but freshly cleaned hair is not the answer right before coloring. This will allow your hair’s own natural oils to help protect it from the damage, stinging, and burning. Deep condition (as always) during your final wash prior to your color application and be kind to your hair and scalp by steering clear of tight hairstyles or bobby pins digging into your head.