Pageant Coaching

We help those who want a winning Image, Walk, and Talk.

Pageant Coaching

We provide image training, makeup and hair. Whether you got a new promotion, are interviewing for a new job, or want to compete in a pageant, we can help you build your confidence.

1. Winning Image ABC

Appearance, Business Etiquette, Communication

2. Winning Walk

Everyday & Evening Wear

3. Winning Talk

Leadership, Interviewing & Networking


on your Pageant Image, Walk, & Talk

HI I’m Nancy! I specialize in helping Pageant Gals that want a Winning Image, Walk, and Talk to score their personal best in all areas of competition. I also help pageant gals start a fan page, have poise in appearances or interviews, and marketing/branding effectively.

Imagine earning top scores from pageant judges, gracing the stage with confidence, looking your best, impressing the audience with your Q&A, and winning the crown!

Imagine knowing how to piece your looks together, how to walk, and how to talk for each part of the competition. Imagine feeling prepared for your platform, the panel interview, talent, athletic wear/swimsuit, evening wear, and on stage question.

I am here to tell you anything is possible.

My story begins 20 years ago, when I wore a wear a headgear with braces and walked with a hunch back. One day, I asked dad if I could attend modeling school. After graduating, I competed in a teen pageant to try and win college scholarship money. The ladies I have coached have placed either 1st or 2nd place. What I love more than winning is the sweet journey. Since then, I have had the joy of judging in the Miss USA & Miss America systems, being crowned Ms. Corporate America, and winning in categories like Best Evening Wear, Best Athletic Wear, and Community Service. Pageantry is a journey of sisterhood and promoting your platform. I believe that all skills gained in pageantry can be applied to a successful career, a fulfilling life, and a healthy self-esteem.

So here is my mission:

Help Pageant Gals discover their Winning Image, Walk, and Talk so that they can score their personal best in each category of competition.

If you are anything like me, self-doubt hinders my ability to move forward. Standing at only 4’10, I was always afraid to compete in pageants but ended up winning a national title with training. Good news is, you don’t have to prepare to compete alone. I understand your struggle and fear of trying to guess what works and what doesn’t and the pain of not getting results. As your Certified Image Consultant and Pageant Coach I come alongside you on your path to your best personal score in all areas of pageant competition.

Today, is the day to start creating your pageant platform and practicing for that next pageant title to serve in your community.

The pillars to achieving an amazing pageant score:

  • Winning Image
  • Know the exact looks you want
  • Winning Walk
  • Show grace and poise
  • Winning Talk
  • Master Interview Q&A

If you are ready to…

  • Create your winning looks for each area of competition
  • Impress your judging panel with genuine answers.
  • Grace the stage in your introduction, evening gown, and athletic wear/swimsuit.
  • Stop doubting yourself and win that next crown!
  • Get that Sweet Score from the judges.

Then my commitment is to empower you, and support you to achieve that winning image, walk, and talk to score your personal best in each area of competition.

I welcome you to book a discovery call today!